How To Study And Memorise Biology For A Long Long Time?? 2019

How To Study And Memorise Biology For A Long Long Time?? 2019

Dear Bio Readers Now a days we all come through a common question, How to memorise biology ? or How to Keep bio things in mind? Many questions related in memorizing biology.
You will not find any person who is perfect in keeping things in mind for a long time. We all have one natural manner of forgetting things. It doesn't mean that we forget the entire lesson we have been taught in the class. Some part of the lessons remains in our mind.
Below there are some experimental points to keep bio in mind for a long time. It is not one time activity to keep bio in mind for a long time. You have to go through it in some interval of time. The given points can help you to keep things in mind for a long time. I hope you find it useful.

1. Study In The Morning
Morning time is the most peaceful time of the whole day. After a good sleep our mind is in stable and active condition. So going through remembering things in the morning keeps thing in the mind for long time because our mind catches most of the part we learnt. Researches also say that our mind works the most in mid morning so you can read according to your study routine.

2. Go Through The Topic Just After It Covered In Class
Going through the topic just after it finished in the class also helps to keep the particular topic in mind. When we go through the topic after the class it sets in our mind easily and for long time because for our mind the topic is fresh as we have just read in class.

3. Read Loudly
Don't be surprised 😳. Here, Reading loudly means read in that way that you can hear what are you studying. Hearing and speaking (reading) also helps to keep stuffs in mind. You must try!!

4. Honestly Remembering The Topic For Atleast One Time
You have to be honest with yourself. Here it means that for atleast one time you have to go through the topic honestly. It means that you have to remember the entire topic. You have to keep in mind the meaning of the topic that what it means and to remember what is needed from the topic. So that you can revise it later easily in very least amount of time.

5. Make Short Notes
Making Short Notes means keeping large quantity of materials in a very brief way. Making short notes is very helpful and saves time for revising in future. And ultimately revising helps you to keep things in mind for a long time. Trust me if you will have short notes definitely you will go through it. If you don't keep short notes you don't revise the topic due to it's lengthiness and time taking. You can also make charts like short notes for quick revision.
Making own short notes according to your convenience is better for your understanding. If still any of you wants short notes of any topic please let me know in the comment section if I can provide you.

6. Make Interesting TRICKS For Difficult Remembering Stuffs
Interesting 😜 thing stays in everyone's mind. If you have seen any one of your interested movies or videos it stays in your mind. So if you make interesting tricks to remember things like examples of different topic (eg:- examples of phylum/division) it also stays in your mind. So try to make TRICKS so that it can help you to remember needed things. Trick aisa v nhi hona chahye ki use yaad rkhne ke liye dusra trick ki jrurat pade.
A TRICK For Example
Trick to remember where simple columnar epithelium (SCE) is found. As you know SCE are tall tissue so the related trick is LUMBI (लम्बी) . 
L- Liver
UM- Uterus For Mammals
BI-Bile Duct
Trust me there are more TRICKS. If you find it interesting please let me know I'll try to provide more and more.

7. Group Discussion Or Discussing To Yourself
You must be aware of the importance of group discussion. Group discussion also lets your mind to keep stuffs for long time. Group discussion intoduces you to new ideas of remembering, may provide you new TRICKS from other discussing mate. If you don't have any partner for discussing things then talk to yourself. Make yourself understand any topic. It also helps to keep stuffs in mind. You must try because it is definitely helpful.

8. Revise In Some Interval Of Time

Make sure you revise your lesson in some interval of time to ensure that you haven't forgot the lesson. Whenever you have free time just lightly go through it. It fresh the lesson to your mind. You can also make charts like short notes for quick revision. Sometimes you may be walking then let your mind to go through the chapter. Try to revise what you have read in that particular chapter, topic.
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9. Question Solving
Question solving is also one of the best way to memorise things. And most importantly for what you have memorise or read any chapter, lesson or topic definitely for answering in your particular examination. Either way you have to solve questions. So first solve questions and if possible solve topicwise it helps better.
You can also practice more and more questions in many ways. If you have completed your particular book questions then you can try questions making available from different sources like internet etc. If anytime you are free then you can go through questions to ensure the condition of your particular chapter. After completing many exercises you can also resolve one question a day of any memorized chapter to keep it continuously in touch.

10. Go Through Diagrams
While reading your chapter going through diagrams is necessary. Definitely you have to go through diagrams many times during your reading or revising time. But the question is How diagrams helps for our revision? or How diagrams helps to keep things in mind? For the answer first we have to understand what diagrams actually means. Diagrams contains theoretical part of many topics. Through diagrams you can revise topics, like through the diagram of digestive system you can revise the whole physiological process of digestion. In diagrams parts are mentioned but you can use diagrams for revising things in your own convenient way.

Through the above diagram you can revise the physiological process of digestion like which components of food gets digested in which particular part and more.
I hope you find it helpful. I hope if you follow these it will help you with your problem. If anything I have left or to add or for any queries let me know in the comment section. You may contact me through the contact us section. Keep updated if anything needed to add I'll definitely add in it. Please SHARE to your friends and family.