How To Improve Physics?? 2019

How To Improve Physics?? 2019

Dear Soldiers, now a days being good in physics is much necessary. Because for competitive exams scoring good in physics can lead you to good college even sometimes due to less marks in physics we disqualify the exam. There are many students who have almost zero interest in physics but for good marks, good percentage and good college we have to study physics. Here to improve physics there are few points described below. I'll not provide any magical point I'll give what is necessary and what is needed. In fact what can lead you to score good in physics. I hope you find it helpful and useful.

1. Go Through The Topic Just After Class
As you have learnt the chapter recently it is freshly stored in your beautiful mind. So reading just after class it stores more effectively and you understands more which ultimately improves your physics.

2.Solve Questions Daily
Solving questions daily helps you to understand the topic/chapter in a better way. Solving questions introduce you to new concepts, new understanding, new problems with best solutions of the particular chapter. So more questions leads you to more understanding.

3. Solve Analytical Questions
Analytical questions are the combination of different concepts. Different problems containing different concepts are asked in a single analytical question. So solving analytical questions helps you to understand the concepts of any chapter in a better way. If you need such questions you may contact me I can provide what ALLEN and different coaching institutes provide.

4. Understand The Full Concept Of Topic
Honestly learn the topic. Understand it in all possible ways. Understands its concepts. While solving questions first learn the question, figure out what it wants to say then try to solve. Learn when,where,how and which formula to be applied in any question.

5.Keep Formulas In Your Fingertips
Try to remember almost all formulas of all chapters. Remember that amount of what's your mind is capable of. Remembering more than the capability of your mind mixes all the formulas which in results lead you to loss. You may create/develop interesting tricks to remember formulas. I may provide you such few tricks. If you think you need please let me know.

6.Short Tricks And Notes May Help
Revision of chapters is much necessary to keep it in your mind. Make your own charts/short notes/tricks. Your own materials makes you feel more comfortable and helps you to understand and revise in a best way. You may develop short tricks, short ways of solving many questions. Questions types that are asked repeatedly. I have many of class 11th's and you will definitely like it. Let me know if you want.

7. For scoring good in physics perfect those chapters/topics which contains more no of questions asked in your related examination. Practice them repeatedly and also keep in mind that every single chapter is important. For NEET I'll provide in other article. 

8.Lastly the most important thing that to improve physics practice is the most effective way.

I hope you find it helpful. I hope if you follow these it will help you with your problem. If anything I have left or to add or for any queries let me know in the comment section. You may contact me through the contact us section. Keep updated if anything needed to add I'll definitely add in it. Please SHARE to your friends and family.