Free Applications And Sources For Preparation Of Different Competitive Exams 2019

Free Applications And Sources For Preparation Of Different Competitive Exams 2019

Dear students, you may be reading or preparing for your next competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, UPSC, SSC etc. Some of you must be taking classes in different coaching institutes and some of you may be preparing in your own level. While studying you find some topics difficult to understand or sometime the whole chapter. Some of you need more and more questions for solving. Some of you need updates of your exam. Today I'm here with such best sources where you can find solutions to your problems and more importantly free of cost.

👉 Unacademy

       It's one of the India's largest online  learning platform. It has top educators from the country including Kiran Bedi, India's first woman IPS Officer. It has at least 8 million views every month. Many top rankers from JEE, NEET etc are teaching in unacademy. It has also paid section but free section is enough for your problems.

If you starts learning here you must keep yourself updated. You must follow every schedule for your study to be effective. First you must go through the educators. Analyze their ratings, feedbacks, their lessons,their followers, comments below lessons then enroll in their particular classes. All educators are good but you have to find those whose classes makes you understand completely and in a best way. I hope you learn and enjoy through Unacademy.
App Link
Unacademy Website Link
Unacademy YouTube Channel

👉 Vedantu's YouTube Channel And App
  Friends it's also one of the best site for you to study. Vedantu is like paid online classes in fact which is free of cost. They cover NCERT,JEE, NEET, JIPMER and AIIMS syllabus. There are more than one channel, different channels for different exam like V NEET MADE EJEE, Vedantu JEE, Vedantu Math, VBioTonic.  You can try and analyze according to your understanding.There are live sessions for different chapters in whole subjects. The regularly give updates in there telegram channel. For at least one time you must see their lectures I hope you will love it. They also provides motivational videos, strategies for different chapters even different topics and many more.  
Let's talk about the app. In Vedantu app they provides pdfs, lectures and many more. But some are in paid section. The prices are not high. You will find many chapters in amounts like Rs 11,Rs 20,Rs 40 and many more. You must check your self according to your need. 

👉 Etoos Lecture

       Etoos is also one of the best platform for JEE and NEET. You can find top educators from Kota, Education Hub Of India. It's lectures are very good but you can access it only through payment. But there's another way of getting it. You can find it's lectures around your locality. Actually the original lectures are not downloadable but many people make it available by recording the original  and many more and sell it in very less and affordable price. Only you have to find it around your locality. It's many  lectures are also available in YouTube which is free of cost. If you can afford then you must go through paid version because it includes many more features.
Etoos App Link
Etoos Website Link
Etoos YouTube Channel Link

👉 Other Internet Sources
        There are many WhatsApp groups, FB groups and pages, Telegram channels, Instagram pages where you can find almost all information about your competitive exams where they provide questions with answers or you can ask questions related to your chapter and even related to your practice and preparation.
In pages and groups they post tricks, charts, pdfs, questions and updates about the exam. Only you have find and follow them in the respective social media. There are also many educators in YouTube like Vedantu's Channels and Physics Wallah with about 2 million subscribers and many more. You can watch them according to your convenience. Physics Wallah also provide PDFs files which is free of cost in their own websites. If you wanna study you must discover you own in different platforms.

Join my Telegram channel @NEETBioPYQ where I provide previous year biology questions everyday in the form of quiz. 

➡ And one more important thing you can join Allen Success Mantra Initiative in which they provide you short notes of almost all chapters and importantly free of cost. They also provide guidance and motivational videos. You can join through the given link and you must.
Allen Success Mantra Link

    I hope you find it helpful. I hope if you follow these it will help you with your problem. If anything I have left or to add or for any queries let me know in the comment section. You may contact me through the contact us section. Keep updated if anything needed to add I'll definitely add in it. Please SHARE to your friends and family.


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